Welcome Senior class of 2019

This year is going to get all sloppy and emotional for me.  My oldest, my boy, will be a Senior in High School this year.  I swear he was just in Kindergarten.   So far i've only cried a little.  

In about 10 days he goes to get his Senior Yearbook picture taken at the studio where is school has a contract...I know I'll cry then.  It's all very surreal for me this year. 

There are so many kids in the class of 2019 at DHS that I adore (i'm one of the parent reps for this class) and i'm sure i'll get the opportunity to take some of their senior pics.  And I'll be a complete wreck while doing it (ok, maybe when editing).  

The Class of 2019 is pretty special to me, I can't wait to begin!  

I am starting a list of people that are interested in Senior Pics, if you would like to be on that list please send me an email and let me know your child's name - and their school.  I will be sending out package details and dates soon.